We’re thrilled to report that last week Direct Relief successfully delivered over 100 tonnes of medical supplies to support the Ebola crisis in West Africa.

The charity is working tirelessly to send aid to the region and to help them continue their efforts we wanted to make a donation to support the mobilising and distribution of crucial supplies throughout the region.

Valued at $6 million, the cargo of 2.8 million surgical and exam gloves, 170,000 coverall gowns, 120,000 masks, 40,000 litres of pre-mixed oral rehydration solution and 9.8 million doses of essential medications is the largest single emergency shipment to date from the US to the region. 

The President of Sierra Leone recently visited a new Ebola Treatment Centre in Hastings, 22km from Freetown, where several of Direct Relief’s medical supplies are being used. He wanted to see what he called, “The biggest single donation so far to Sierra Leone to fight Ebola”.

But it’s not only locally that people are recognising the hard work and determination of Direct Relief; President Clinton honoured the charity at the closing plenary of 2014 Clinton Global Initiative for its Ebola response efforts to date.

Thanks to their work Direct Relief are also delivering a little hope to the region. 

Despite this, there is still much, much more to be done. BBC News reports that “there have been nearly 4,000 cases so far. Cases are increasing exponentially and there is a potentially vulnerable population in Sierra Leone, Liberia and Guinea in excess of 20 million.”

The BBC article also quotes the World Health Organisation as suggestsing that the outbreak can be contained in six to nine months… if the necessary resources are supplied, and currently they are spread too thinly.

This is a cause especially close to our heart, with Virgin Unite, Humanity United and Spark supporting a group of entrepreneurs in the Liberian region.

The sooner medicines, preventive supplies, and personal protective gear such as masks, gloves and gowns are delivered, the sooner this deadly outbreak can be contained and managed.

And it was with this urgency that we ask you to support by donating. 100% of your donation will be directed towards winning the fight against this disease.