This year for Global Entrepreneurship Week we will be sharing inspirational stories of how entrepreneurs can provide a shining light of hope in even the darkest of situations. Today Kyaw Moe Tun shares his story:

For decades, Myanmar’s education system was left to crumble in a field of its own ruins. But with the arrival of the new NLD government in 2016, under the guidance of Nobel Laureate and State Counselor Aung San Suu Kyi, the nation’s schools are poised for a massive makeover.  

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We need people who can analyse shifts as they occur, anticipating their various outcomes. Specialised education and vocational training aren’t suited to create these kinds of leaders. A broad-based, interdisciplinary education that encourages learners to challenge previously established notions and to think outside the box of conventional wisdom is necessary to produce the leaders that will move Myanmar forward and upward.

Every healthy economy and government requires a bank of high-quality human capital to draw from. It’s in the best interest of everyone in all sectors in Myanmar to play a part in generating that level of talent for our future. While the government struggles with persistent social and security issues, the private sector bears immense responsibility to develop business, civil society and education.

Virgin Unite, entrepreneurship, education, Parami Institute

This is precisely the motivation behind the establishment of the Parami Initiative in Yangon: to provide a challenging, liberal education that will produce Myanmar’s leaders of tomorrow. We are a team of young professionals inspired by our own education abroad, determined to establish the premier site of learning in our country.

Through our post-graduate Parami Institute and future Parami University campus programs, we administer an immersive, residential educational experience that focuses on integral intellectual and social development. Our students take courses across a wide range of disciplines, honing their abilities to think critically, communicate effectively and analyse problems from a variety of academic perspectives.

Project-based learning and open conversation and debate are the norms in the classroom, preparing our graduates to be active contributors in their fields and industries.

Virgin Unite, entrepreneurship, education, Parami Institute

Our vision and efforts have drawn the attention of donors and organisations worldwide. And we’re now thrilled to announce a new partnership with Bard College, one of the United States’ top liberal arts institutions. We are finalising support from Bard College.

In fact, Dr. Joan delPlato, a senior faculty member, will be teaching in the inaugural Parami Leadership Program beginning January 9. The founding of our future Parami University will be assisted by Dr. Ian Bickford, Provost and Vice President, who joins Dr. Kyle Anderson of Centre College in providing curricular support at our university, and helping recruit faculty for it.  We invite you to visit us in Yangon and donate generously to our efforts as we strive to build the future leaders of Myanmar.

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