Elevate is a thriving creative agency specialising in collaborative strategy and creativity.

Elevate is guided by Kemal Lawrence and Rolando Prendergast  –  creative thinkers with over 10 years experience in Jamaica’s media advertising field. Kemal and Rolando are committed to delivering engaging digital experiences  –  they’re also Branson Centre entrepreneurs and participants in our Accelerator Programme. 

I recently spoke to them about their business, their work with the Branson Centre, and what’s next on the horizon for Elevate. 

branson centre, elevate

Tell us a bit about the Elevate story
The creative agency landscape has certainly changed a lot since we entered the industry. Gone are the days where a simple roll out of print, television and radio advertisements would be enough to service a campaign. Present day consumers receive their information in far more varied ways and us marketers have to be exploring new trends and capitalising on new technologies. At Elevate Media we’re committed to delivering a multisensory advertising experience. We’re excited to explore the newest technologies and deliver brand messages effectively and creatively.
How did you hear about the Branson Centre and why did you decide to join the Accelerator Programme?
We’d been seeing articles and social media posts about the Branson Centre for some time, all highlighting past participants and their success stories. We were then recommended to the programme by a client who thought there was an opportunity for us to build a creative edge in the industry. We were happy to learn that the Branson Centre were offering a ‘scale-up programme’ and applied immediately.

branson centre, elevate

What are the most important business lessons you’re taking from the programme?

  • How to best organise and streamline daily operations to increase efficiency
  • Developing a project and plan for the future of the business
  • Preparing the business for investment and expansion

What is the most important thing that running a business has taught you?

We cannot do everything ourselves. Putting the right people in place is key for growth and without a strong support system in place the business will fall apart. It is also important to keep the team motivated!

We consider ourselves partners with all our clients and  do everything we can to help their businesses grow. Increased trade helps to boost the economy and we proudly play our part. In the immediate future we plan for increased stability and more efficiency. Shortly after we hope to be prepared to form better relationships with our colleagues and expand into other countries in the region.

The Branson Centre helps Caribbean entrepreneurs scale their business. Take the business assessment quiz today and register to join the upcoming cohort.