The ongoing development of artificial intelligence (AI) can help entrepreneurs stay agile in ever-evolving markets. 

Many companies already rely on the burgeoning technology to enhance customer experience, improve monitoring and evaluation, and secure service reliability. Yet for many businesses, there is still some trepidation when it comes to integrating AI.

The Branson Centre Caribbean, in partnership with the US Embassy Kingston's Public Affairs Section, tackled this issue head-on at a fireside chat they hosted called 'Scaling with AI'. The event was held at the US Embassy in Kingston and invited members of the business community to discuss the value of AI and practical ways it can be implemented.

branson centre entrepreneurship, BCoE, Caribbean

The panel discussion featured the chief executive officer of Innovate 10X and the former group chief information officer of Jamaica Money Market Brokers (JMMB), Sheldon Powe, assistant general manager of Enterprise Information Management at National Commercial Bank Jamaica Limited, Nicole Brown, and head of digital transformation at GraceKennedy Money Services, Rory Burchenson.

Questions centered around Jamaica's progress in implementing AI within businesses, the process of integrating AI into daily business operations, and protecting clients' digital identities and rights. Questions were asked over possible job losses if workers are made to compete with AI, but the panel was generally hopeful that the rise of AI will benefit employees more than it would displace them.

“It’s not that technology is supposed to displace people. It’s an opportunity for people to be up-scaled to use the same technology,” Burchenson said - stressing that the development of AI is a chance to further educate workers, and create new job opportunities.

branson centre entrepreneurship, BCoE, Caribbean

‘Scaling with AI’ is part of the Journeys to Scale series of fireside chats organised by the Branson Centre and the US Embassy. The events aim to bring business leaders, entrepreneurs, investors and other specialists together to discuss topics affecting entrepreneurship in the region.

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