Not only does Racquel Moses get up at 4.30am to start work, she’s also raising awareness of how we see climate change in the Caribbean. Plus, she’s doing an extraordinary amount to work towards a sustainable solution, starting at home. 

“I’m Trini-born and raised, so I’ve seen climate change having an impact on my front porch. You can’t leave home without feeling its presence.” Moses explains that Trinidad and Tobago is outside of what’s called the hurricane belt which means that usually they don’t get hit by hurricanes. “For many Caribbean islands that’s quite a luxury. However, on my 16th birthday we had a scare and since then there have been more and more storms getting closer and closer. From my layman’s perspective it doesn’t appear that we’ll be out of the hurricane belt for much longer.”

Portrait of Racquel Moses smiling at the camera

Moses’ career has been honed almost entirely in technology for multinationals like JP Morgan Chase, Fujitsu, Cable & Wireless and Microsoft. “I’ve done a little development work heading up the country’s investment promotion agency and some education work as portfolio head for ACCA Europe and Americas. The phenomenon of climate change has always moved me, the impact that we as humans can have on this planet that we call home.”

She explains that working in the climate change sphere changed from being something she wanted to do, to something she had to do as soon as she had her second baby. “It was at that point that it hit me, ‘what kind of a world will it be then?’ In that moment, I realised that unless I was a part of a solution I wouldn’t ever sleep again.”

Moses is hoping to bring innovation and technology both to the accelerator to ensure the most optimised operations, and as a solution to climate change. “In addition to leading the global conversation on climate change, I want to see us create jobs in the industry, in resilient infrastructure and smart cities, renewable energy and energy efficiency, in electric vehicles, oceans and agriculture.” She explains how she’d like to see what the Caribbean is doing as a region inspire others to pursue greater gains against climate change. “I’d like to see this effort turn into a movement with momentum of its own.”

Her day is busy and packed, as she juggles being a mum with running an accelerator. “I start at 4:30 in the morning have meetings with the UK, and then I take a break at 7am to have breakfast with my daughter.” She then goes back to work, collaborating with the team, working with countries, suppliers, funders and other partners. “I take another break at 6pm to have dinner with my family, and my husband and I put the baby to bed. Then I get to go to the gym before coming home to finish up anything that can’t wait till morning or getting a good night’s sleep and doing it all over again.”

What Moses loves most about her job is the people she works with. “We’re a very small team but they show up and do their best every day and that motivates me to continue to do the same. We’re all passionate about the cause and I guess there is no better work than sharing something you believe in wholeheartedly.”