Love it or hate it, Valentine's Day is back and more commercial than ever. Don’t get me wrong, I can appreciate a little love rush here and there, but in my opinion love should be sprinkled everywhere, all year round – so surely there are other things we can celebrate on this official day of love too? 

The British Heart Foundation for example, have collaborated with Hackney-based artist Graham McLoughlin and cycle rack manufacturer Cyclehoop, to produce heart-shaped bike racks, which are randomly popping up around London.

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, the hearts have been produced in an effort to get cyclists to show their love and donate to the British Heart Foundation by texting “LNDN £5” to 70070.

Make a donation, and join in on social media using the hashtag #HeartsOfLondon.

Environmental campaigners, of The Climate Coalition, are asking people to show their love, not for any one person, but for the planet. 

How? By submitting photos of things they love, and fear losing due to the ever-growing effects of climate change.

So far people have submitted photos of rivers, coral reefs and beautiful wildlife in a bid to highlight what we stand to loose if we don’t work to reverse the effects of climate change.

The coalition is made up of more than 100 UK organisations, all of whom are supporting this Valentine’s-Day-themed campaign for action on climate change.

Mohamed Adow, senior climate change adviser at Christian Aid, a member of the coalition, said the campaign Is an opportunity to capture the attention of world leaders in the lead-up to UN climate talks in Paris in December, “This year is an important opportunity for tackling the ever-increasing threat of climate change. The Climate Coalition’s show the love campaign aims to make sure that the government and big business know that people around the world care about climate change.

“The campaign aims to show politicians who are embarking on a general election campaign that tackling climate change is important to us because it will affect the things we love most, like our lifestyles, our children’s futures, our hobbies, passions, safety and wellbeing, both here and globally.”

By all means, buy heart-shaped chocolates and get giddy on love this weekend, but also take a bit of time to do something that shows real heart for your loved ones and their future.


Make a love declaration for the planet today – we’d love to see any photos you post in the comments box below.