The Clinton Foundation’s #ActionIsGreater campaign is an important reminder that although circumstances may appear insurmountable, when smart brains, big hearts and genuine commitment come together, life changing progress can be made.

The Clinton Foundation has been actively engaged in Haiti since 2009 – focusing on economic diversification, private sector investment, and job creation. After the 2010 earthquake, President Clinton formed the Clinton Foundation Haiti Fund and raised $16.4 million for immediate relief efforts. Since then, the Clinton Foundation has raised more than $30 million for Haiti projects – and through #ActionIsGreater they have focused on the restoration of Haiti’s communities, from sustainable development to education, and capacity building.

It is often forgotten that before the earthquake, Haiti was in a position – maybe for the first time in its history – to build the future that it wanted. Then the earthquake struck, killing 222,570 people, seriously injuring 300,000, and leaving more than a million people homeless. Entire hillsides were flattened, hospitals and schools completely collapsed, and over 17 per cent of the government’s workforce were killed. 

To be overwhelmed by the enormity of the rebuild would have been understandable, but it also would have achieved nothing. This campaign is built upon the belief that ‘action is greater’ – that committed action will continue to help rebuild Haiti’s future. 

Today, the Clinton Foundation focuses on creating sustainable economic growth – bringing together producers, investors, and markets in a way that is socially, environmentally and economically impactful. 

My favourite stories about The Clinton Foundation’s work focus around their support of local businesses – in particular, local Haitian artisans. The vibrant culture of Haiti is uniquely expressed through its arts and handicrafts, and by supporting Haiti’s artisans The Clinton Foundation has created skilled jobs for people who wouldn’t necessarily find employment in the mainstream workforce. The foundation has helped locals expand their business, diversify their product lines and meet the demands of growing markets – all whilst providing stable and well paying jobs for hundreds of Haitian artisans.

I think that Haiti is the new frontier – you can create yourself here – you can become an entrepreneur here. There are ways that you can grow into who you want to be – and what your passions are

The Clinton Foundation's impact in Haiti has driven more than $100 million in foreign direct investment and provided further training and access to markets for a growing number of Haitian businesses. Encouraging economic growth, empowering girls and women, and supporting small businesses means The Clinton Foundation are well underway in their efforts to support the people of Haiti to build a strong and prosperous future.

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