Having grown up as an “army brat”, Gloria was unprepared for her family’s move to Alabama where she would be exposed to a world of racism, chased for being a woman of colour.

I come back, to let you know that infinite possibilities are possible.

Her mother later moved the family to California for a fresh start in a place supposedly without prejudice. However it was here, that her “self esteem was snatched from” her. 

Following these experiences, Gloria’s low self esteem developed into anger and a dependence on alcohol and drugs, which later spiralled out of control. She was admitted into juvenile detention.

How long are you going to continue to tear your life apart?

These words from her brother made Gloria realise that for the first time in her life, she was not being chased by anyone - she was the only person causing herself damage.

Fortunately Gloria turned her life around and is now a member of the Reentry Staff at Ironwood State Prison. Watch the above TEDx talk to hear the full story.