Born out of frustration that mainstream news only promotes the negative, we're bringing you a regular fix of the good news buried underneath the bad. Happy Friday!

Watching mainstream media, you might sometimes feel like human beings are determined to screw up the planet and everyone on it. Yet, all around the world, amazing people – just like you – are coming up with new ways of living, loving and doing business to create a better future for us all. So we’ve decided to dedicate a regular blog to shout out some of the good news we’ve seen each week. Here’s this week’s shout out:

Last year 7,581 people slept rough on the streets in London. It’s a figure that keeps on rising, and while people are inclined to help, it is often reported that they are sceptical about helping a homeless person directly for fear of how their money will be used.

Thanks to Crack + Cider – a temporary shop that enables customers to buy clothing and other necessities for homeless people – you can now purchase items, which will then be distributed to those who need them. “[It gives] people a truly useful way of directly helping homeless people without giving cash,” the pair wrote on their site. “By selecting the products themselves, the consumer also feels much more of a personal connection to the cause.”
Read more, and purchase items for people in need today.

Apple Inc., Microsoft Corp. and Google parent Alphabet Inc. are among the companies doing the most to fight climate change, according to a global ranking that grades corporations according to their environmental credentials.

The three US technology giants, worth a combined $1.6 trillion, are among the 113 corporations awarded an ‘A’ grade for their efforts to reduce heat-trapping emissions. These efforts illustrate a growing trend by corporations around the world to step up efforts to protect the environment.

“We must take swift and bold action to address the root causes of climate change,” Hewlett Packard Enterprise Co. CEO Meg Whitman said in a statement. “This means disrupting the status quo: changing the way we do business, holding ourselves and others accountable, and creating innovative solutions that drive a low-carbon economy.”

A wonderful German couple (Jonas Kakoschke and Mareike Geiling) and their friend (Golde Ebding) have opened ‘Refugees Welcome’ (Flüchtlinge Willkommen), inviting people to offer a room in their home to an asylum seeker and house them for as long as they want to. The idea stemmed from a want to support the hundreds of thousands of people trying to leave war torn and violent countries and seek safety in Europe.

It’s a scheme encouraging people to welcome and help integrate new arrivals. “We’ve been getting a lot of emails from all over the world,” Mareike said, adding that more than 300 people in the UK had expressed interest.

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