Recently, we’ve written a lot about Virgin Galactic’s pledge to raise money to fund the new Virgin Galactic Mandela Day Scholarship. From an Evening of Adventure to the London Marathon, the team aren’t taking the challenge lightly – and adding to the effort, a female member of the Virgin Galactic team, based in Mojave, is taking to the skies.

Let us introduce you to Virgin Galactic's Margaret Viola, who for the first time is working hard to prepare to fly in the 2015 Air Race Classic.

Alongside avid Air Racer, Pilot in Command Anne Marie Radel, Margaret will co-pilot a Gulfstream American Tiger from Los Angeles to the race starting line in Fredericksburg, Virginia, then on to the finish line in Fairhope, Alabama, before returning home. 

“Through us, people can learn about aviation in practice, experience a flight across America, get in touch with an air racing tradition stemming from 1929, and boost support for the Galactic Unite scholarship program.” - Margaret

Air Racing is a great way to encourage and educate current and future women pilots – not only promoting their skill and ability, but preserving the tradition of pioneering women in aviation. Keen to build some momentum and excitement around women in aviation, Anne Marie and Margaret this week, supported an event at Whiteman Airport for Girl Scouts in the Los Angeles area. 

“Galactic Unite is in a unique position to use space to inspire teachers and students in their study of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics) subjects. Our goal is to make a significant difference to the perception of these subjects and the opportunities that exist for STEM graduates. And we want to do this by tapping into the unparalleled networking and mentoring resources of Virgin Galactic staff and its Future Astronaut community.” – Maja Muric, Galactic Unite

Our Virgin Galactic Air Racers would love your support in their mission, but also in raising important funds for the future of STEM education. 

Have a look how donations to Galactic Unite are already benefiting others – meet Luyanda – and please show your support to fund future scholarships.