When farmers improve their harvests they pull themselves out of poverty, and in many cases, produce surplus food that can then be shared with their neighbours.

One Acre Fund work to help farmers and their communities eradicate hunger – supplying smallholder farmers with the financing and training needed to grow their way out of poverty. 

Instead of giving handouts, One Acre Fund invest in farmers, so they can generate a permanent gain in their farming income – supplying a complete service bundle of seeds, fertilizer, financing, training, and market facilitation and delivering these within walking distance of the rural farmers they serve. 

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A recent focus of the fund has been their rapidly-growing tree-planting program – working to produce scalable tree production and distribution systems.

Why trees?

  • Environment: Africa alone is losing 8.4m acres of trees per year. Tree-planting in rural areas is absolutely vital to our shared environmental future.
  • Income for farmers: A single wood tree planted at a cost of 5 cents, can within five years generate $5+ dollars in revenue – a 100x return-on-investment for farmers.
  • Climate resilience: Trees are resilient to single-year weather shocks, forming an enduring asset stock for farmers.

The One Acre Fund focus

The focus of the program is to create a scalable production and distribution system. Amazingly, in most rural areas, there is no reliable place to access tree seedlings. One Acre Fund is responding to this short-coming by pioneering innovative methods that mass-produce and distribute tree seeds and seedlings. 

1. Seedlings are grown in nursery beds – each little green dot, a tree in the making.

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2. Mature tree seedlings from the nursery beds are then placed in crate and made ready for delivery.

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3. Hundreds of truck loads of seedlings are then distributed to rural delivery sites.

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The results of this system are undeniable – the below picture showing trees that are only four years old. The farmer who grew them was then able to pay for her daughter’s university school fees.

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In 2016 alone, One Acre Fund farmers planted 4,000,000 surviving trees across Kenya and Rwanda. And whilst it’s an incredible start the team is truly ambitious and continues to dream big about what they can accomplish in the coming years.

One Acre Fund puts farmers first in everything that they do. They currently serve one of Africa’s largest networks of smallholder farmers, and empower hard-working families to earn better futures.