Brothers Alvin and Christopher Murray are steadily scaling their family business. Launched by their parents decades ago, their company services Jamaica and other Caribbean countries, supplying and constructing greenhouses and providing agricultural training.

Alvin gives us some insight on A&H Intercrop’s business model, how the Branson Centre has impacted their business, and the amazing way they’re seeking to impact the Caribbean community at large.

Virgin Unite, Branson Centre of Entrepreneurship

Tell us about A&H Intercrop

A&H Intercrop provides agricultural products and services, which include workforce training, greenhouse design, sales and distribution in the Caribbean region.

The company was founded in 1992 to farm and distribute coffee and was later forced to pivot based on business climate. Since then, we went on to become the foremost experts in greenhouse farming and potato production, and then reactivated the company in 2015. Our team members were instrumental in developing a tissue culture lab in Christiana, Jamaica, which led to sweet potato yields increasing from 6,000lbs per acre to 15,000lbs per acre. The team also introduced potato production to Guyana and St. Lucia, as well as new varieties and improved practices to Dominica. 

How has the Branson Centre helped you along your journey?

We got started with the Branson Centre’s 2018 cohort in their accelerator programme. We have been supported in various ways such as boot camps to perfect our pitch, insight into properly structuring a business, and of course, the opportunity to pitch to potential investors. Through the programme, we’ve much improved our pitch deck and gained great media coverage. Another major benefit for us has been gaining a better understanding of business on a whole and the vast resources and opportunities available at the Branson Centre.

How is your business benefiting the community?

Food stability. When we produce more and educate others to produce more in efficient, affordable ways, we reduce imports and begin exporting. Everyone benefits! The region needs a healthy agriculture environment, so teaching best practices is part of what we do. 

Virgin Unite, Branson Centre of Entrepreneurship

What does the future hold for A&H Intercrop?

If all goes to plan, our future will be one of growth. With investment, we can build more greenhouses, produce our own high quality seed potatoes, and develop an agro-tourism park. We want to educate others on what's possible through traditional and protected agriculture.

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