At Virgin, we think play is serious business and recognise that we’re all still kids at heart. We embrace play as a learning process, a business tool and a great way to live life better.   

With this in mind, we were really excited to learn more about EasyPeasy – a play-focussed learning intervention tool that is backed by Big Change (the network-driven charity founded by Holly and Sam Branson along with four friends).  

Jen from EasyPeasy - A Big Change partner
Jen - EasyPeasy Founder and CEO

EasyPeasy is a digital program which addresses potential gaps in a child’s development from the age of two to five. This is known as the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) and is a critical period of growth. According to EasyPeasy, 85 per cent of a child’s brain will already be developed by the age of five.

With this in mind, EasyPeasy developed an app that provides parents with practical tools to develop their child’s character and cognitive skills. During the program, participants receive regular advice and a bank of activities that address different skillsets, behavioural insights and development gaps. Each week, new games and reminders are released to help parents facilitate play-based learning and educational interactions.

Play-based learning is not only a lot more fun, its effectiveness is also backed by evidence.

EasyPeasy have exposed their program to the toughest tests, including randomised controlled trials and studies conducted by the University of Oxford. The studies indicated that this play-based approach to learning resulted in both a positive impact on the child’s social and emotional development as well as the parents’ engagement.

EasyPeasy - let's play

Big Change is a big believer in early intervention and making positive investments that will give young people the best possible opportunities to excel and to live life better. 

To create these opportunities, Big Change firmly believes we need to reimagine education and recognise that learning takes place  in a variety of settings. This is why the organisation backs ideas, like this, that encourage young people to excel in all aspects of life, not just exams.

With the support of Big Change and other stakeholders, EasyPeasy is currently used by more than 15, 000 families, 400 organisations and over 20 local authorities in England.

Big Change_breakfast_July18_2
Jen from EasyPeasy at the 2018 Big Change Project Breakfast

We think there are a few key insights from this story that can help us all live life better, from the classroom to the boardroom and beyond:

  1. Invest in early intervention to address issues of any kind.  
  2. Recognise the power of play in education and in the workplace.
  3. Invest in character skills to boost your personal and professional development.

It’s fantastic to see programs like EasyPeasy embracing the power of play and giving kids to tools to thrive when it comes time for school. We hope it inspires kids of all ages to have some fun, rediscover a love of learning and live life better.

So, how can you utilise the power of play in your own life, business, and family?