At the recent Women in Power event held at the United Nations General Assembly - Mary Robinson, Chair of The Elders, discussed the outstanding achievements of powerful women and what remains to be done to encourage the success of future female leaders.

Marking International Women's Day with fellow Elder, Graça Machel, Mary Robinson said: “It's a timely opportunity to challenge patriarchal structures and psychologies that continue to treat women as second class citizens and deny them their full human rights. It's a moment to fight back against the scourge of gender-based violence that blights the lives of so many millions of women in every corner of the globe.”

Watch Mary Robinson’s full speech here:

Addressing gender equality and intergenerational dialogue is one of The Elders’ key programmes and a cornerstone of the Elders’ commitment to securing dignity and rights for all, informing their priorities across every aspect of our work.

The Elders seek to empower young people and promote intergenerational dialogue across their initiatives.

As Kofi Annan said: “You are never too young to lead, and never too old to learn.”

To learn more about The Elders’ work on gender equality visit their website and join the conversation.