It’s an exciting time for the Branson Centre Caribbean as they join forces with JMMB Group to provide training for small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) in the Caribbean.

The two companies inked a year-long agreement last month that will see select JMMB Group’s clients benefit from the training resources and other virtual learning opportunities provided by the Branson Centre. 

Lisandra Rickards, CEO of Branson Centre, lauded the partnership between the two organisations as another step toward creating dynamic Caribbean economies. Adding, ''As a scale-up business accelerator, the decision to utilise Branson Centre’s virtual resources, to bolster the development of SMEs, was a no-brainer. Our online training platform has already served thousands of entrepreneurs across the region and this alliance will only further that impact [for JMMB Group’s select SME clients].''

Branson Centre of Entrepreneurship, BCoE, JMMB

JMMB Group will identify up to 150 SME clients in the coming months in the growth and expansion phase of their businesses. They will then be invited to participate in workshops offered via Branson Centre’s online learning platform.

Entrepreneurs will be able to access training on a broad cross-section of areas to benefit their businesses and capacity building. These ares include pitch coaching, business plan development, and vision development. Participants will also be able to access training, mentorship and investment readiness assessment through the Branson Centre.

Branson Centre of Entrepreneurship, BCoE, JMMB

The Branson Centre’s virtual platform is the first online business training platform in the Caribbean. Ithas been used by entrepreneurs throughout the region, through partnerships with various regional entities, like JMMB Group.

By providing investment opportunities through this agreement JMMB Group is seeking to be a trailblazer in bridging the gap between financial institutions and entrepreneurship – helping to generate growth and development in the region.

The Branson Centre continues to be a pioneer in the sector – crafting unique methods tailored for Caribbean entrepreneurs in order to boost their success.

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