The mission of the Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI) is to transform global energy use and create a clean, prosperous, and low-carbon future.

The incredible RMI team engage businesses, communities, and entrepreneurs to accelerate the adoption of solutions that will cost-effectively shift us from fossil fuels to efficient renewables.

RMI merged with the Carbon War Room – an organisation co-founded by Richard Branson and incubated by Virgin Unite  – in 2014 and since then have continued to work across all energy sectors to accelerate the energy transition and reduce carbon emissions.


RMI’s 2019 Annual Report shares the team’s strategic approach to tackling the toughest long-term problems in our energy system. A few highlights from the report include:  

1. Lowering the cost of minigrid access

Minigrids in the Money: Six Ways to Reduce Minigrid Costs by 60% for Rural Electrification shows how to overcome the barriers that minigrids face in reaching their potential to bring clean, reliable energy to communities far from an electric grid and efficiently serve the millions of people in the region who lack access to electricity

2. REALIZING the promise of affordable net-zero energy homes for low-income families

RMI’s REALIZE initiative is supporting pilot projects to retrofit net-zero energy multifamily housing in California, New York, and the cities of Boston and Minneapolis to bring low-income communities affordable, clean, reliable energy.

3. Collaboratively spinning off RMI’s Business Renewables Center to Become the Renewable Energy Buyers Alliance (REBA)

REBA is a trade association representing corporate powerhouses that collectively aim to bring more than 60 gigawatts (GW) of new renewables online in the US by 2025. That’s roughly equivalent to 189 million solar photovoltaic panels.

- To learn more about RMI’s work throughout 2019, and their plans for 2020, read the Annual Report and follow for updates across Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram.