At SolarAid we work to enable solar markets in Africa, so that local entrepreneurs can take over our work of distributing solar lights to 'last mile' communities.

We've had some amazing success over the last few years. By developing solar markets in Tanzania and Kenya – to the point that local social enterprises are driving our own operations out of business – we know we are succeeding.

Virgin Unite, entrepreneur, sustainability, SolarAid, 2016

Our plan now, is to focus on Malawi, Uganda and Zambia. Hopefully here too, we can help catalyse these markets to the point that local entrepreneurs and social enterprises can take over from SolarAid. 

There are still several countries, and hundreds of millions of people, that need our help before we can say we achieved our vision of “a world where everyone has affordable, clean, renewable power” – but at the speed the markets are developing, we believe if we can get more solar lights to ‘last-mile’ users at the ‘base of the pyramid’, we will catalyse more markets, and hopefully one day, SolarAid might not be needed anymore.

Virgin Unite, entrepreneur, sustainability, SolarAid, 2016

On Thursday this week (26 May 2016) at 3:25pm Ian McEwan will be speaking on Radio4, highlighting the work of SolarAid. Ian is a brilliant presenter and his passion for clean affordable lighting really shines through, but the thing that will make the appeal a success is you!

We would love your help spreading our message so make sure you listen in and share news of the appeal with your friends and family. Please tweet, facebook, instagram, email, text and telephone people… we'd love it if you could help put us out of business!

Virgin Unite, entrepreneur, sustainability, SolarAid, 2016

Thanks again, and keep spreading the light,

P.S. If you can't wait, or missed it on Thursday you can listen to Ian's appeal now.


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