Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI) – Carbon War Room (CWR) is the world leader when it comes to tackling climate change through market-based solutions.

The organisation – with the support of Virgin Unite – is working to catalyse the energy revolution, combat climate change, bolster economic prosperity and tackle the social and environmental issues created by the global dependence on fossil fuels. 

In RMI’s report: Answering the global call for future generations, the team share progress updates on key areas of their work, one of these being how RMI are working to empower people all over the world to adopt clean energy.

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According to the report, if every nation followed the development path of the US, Earth’s climate would heat beyond all saving. RMI is therefore working to save our planet from all those coal, oil, and gas emissions while powering human development - helping the people of the developing world to leapfrog straight to the energy revolution.

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In China, RMI is helping peak carbon emissions in leading cities and driving rapid scaling of cost-effective energy efficiency and clean energy. They’re supporting practical, scalable pilots with government and business to accelerate transformation of the industrial, buildings, and transportation sectors and to reform electricity markets while reducing coal dependency.

At the same time, they’re ramping up their work with the 1.2 billion people in our world who lack electricity to refrigerate vaccines or help their children study after nightfall, starting in Africa. Across nearly a dozen island nations RMI and their supporters have been helping RMI bring governments and utilities together to move toward clean energy. These special, isolated energy systems will demonstrate that entire economies can be driven by clean energy sources.

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Here is more of what the team have accomplished in the past year:

China's Clean Energy Path

In 2016 RMI published Reinventing Fire: China – providing a road map to help China slash its carbon emissions and energy use by 2050, all at a net economic benefit of more than $3 trillion. “RMI has a unique advantage for being not only a world-class think tank in the energy field, but also a ‘do tank’ in the areas of energy efficiency, clean energy, and low-carbon development,” said Mr. Dai Yande, director of China’s Energy Research Institute.

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Island Energy Transformation

To reduce islanders’ dependence on dirty imported fuel, RMI has been working in the Caribbean Sea and Indian Ocean with 10 island nations and one island province - helping develop national energy transition plans for Aruba, Montserrat, Saint Lucia, San Andrés and Providencia (Colombia), and Saint Vincent and the Grenadines — with some governments committed to achieving 100 percent renewable energy.

Sustainable Development for developing countries

With the support of Virgin Unite and the Rockefeller Foundation, Rocky Mountain Institute’s Sustainable Energy for Economic Development (SEED) program helps governments in developing countries expand access to electricity. Starting in sub-Saharan Africa, they’re helping spread electrification and cut energy-system costs.

Learn more about RMI’s accomplishments in 2016 in their Annual Report and follow and support the team as they continue to create a world thriving, verdant, and secure for all, for ever.