Our friends over at Novelty Gimmicks have created the ultimate one-stop-shop for all of your branding needs.

With almost 30 years of experience, Novelty Gimmicks produce a huge variety of products and pride themselves on delivering exceptional branding solutions to suit any marketing budget.

Katrina Tingling-Gregory is a Branson Centre entrepreneur and manager of Novelty Gimmicks – a well-respected business woman in the Caribbean, Katrina is committed to keeping her retail offering fun and fresh for all customers. We recently spoke to Katrina about how her business got started, lessons she’s learnt on scaling her business since joining the Branson Centre's accelerator programme, and what the future holds for Novelty Gimmicks.  

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Since inception it’s been Novelty Gimmicks’ mission to provide customers with unique and stylish products, along with service that goes above and beyond.

A second generation leader of the business, Katrina is seeking to make her mark in Jamaica’s printing industry – with an ultimate goal of becoming a globally competitive print powerhouse. She’s hoping that her most recent work with Branson Centre will assist her in achieving these goals. “I heard about Branson Centre through various media sources and decided that anything to enhance or facilitate the growth of my business and expand my knowledge (personal and professional development) would always be a great opportunity for the business and so I decided to apply,” said Katrina.

Through her participation in the center’s accelerator programme Katrina has identified three key benefits for her (and hopefully your) business.

  • Knowledge of numbers in business. I always had a fear of numbers and through this programme am learning to embrace them and know them inside out. There’s no doubt that metrics that must be monitored to run a super successful business.
  • Increase in knowledge from an operational and production standpoint. I’m thrilled to be more adept in the ins-and-outs of business processes and how to monitor and track production and costs.
  • Strong companies have strong leadership. The programme has already taught me how to hone my own leadership skills and developing leadership skills in mcollegues.

“Running a business really has taught me the importance of the human capital. I’m a big believer in the saying: Happy Employees = Happy Customers,” said Katrina.

Katrina is also a big believer in the importance of delegating and succession planning. Most first generational business owners tend to hold onto the reins of the business however, she has learnt how important it is to embrace and allow the second generation to make their own mistakes, while providing the necessary support and guidance for them so that eventually, they will begin to grow and take the business to the next level.

Katrina is looking forward to taking her lessons from the Branson Centre's scaleup accelerator programme and growing the company into a globally competitive print powerhouse – maybe even an award winning company.  

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