The Eve Branson Foundation (EBF) support artisanal training, education and healthcare initiatives in the Moroccan Atlas Mountains.

They have been working hand-in-hand with Berber communities for over ten years, providing the tools, materials and resources for individuals to learn, practice and share artisanal skills from which they can make an income. The foundation believes that by really getting to know the Berber culture and celebrating its traditions, we can each play a sensitive part in preserving the heritage of these unique communities.


To make this type of immersion and cultural exchange possible EBF have partnered with Airbnb to create a once-in-lifetime social impact experience. The ‘Amazigh Berber Cultural Day’ offering (Amazigh – another word for Berber) is an immersive day spent in the High Atlas Mountains in the traditional Berber villages of Tansghart & Tamgounssi.

Nestled in the mountains, 1300 metres above sea level, these peaceful villages are tucked away from the regular tourist routes. Travellers will take part in traditional Berber cookery lessons, savour the ritual of the Berber mint tea and get creatively hands-on at the craft centres.

Virgin Unite, EBF, Fatima

All things made and bought on this experience will go straight to the artisans and 100 per cent of what you pay for this experience goes to Eve Branson Foundation. The experience is family friendly and all transport is provided by the trusted team over at Euro Marrakech Services.

So if you’re ready for a new experience and want to explore the hidden world of the Berber’s this one’s for you. Details of the day including itinerary, costs and travel arrangements can all be found at Airbnb’s Social Impact Experience page.