A new film, showcasing the harrowing journey of a Mozambican domestic worker and her life-changing decision, is set to do more than just shine a light on topical issues – it will also provide hundreds of jobs for the South African arts industry.

Job creation within the arts industry in South Africa is notoriously difficult, often not providing any form of income for those involved. This is where Branson Centre entrepreneurs Brett Michael Innes and Anel Alexander are breaking the mould with their new feature film.

Best-selling local author Brett is soon to release his latest novel, Rachel Weeping. Having met at the Branson Centre of Entrepreneurship, Anel soon decided that Brett’s topical and challenging novel should be transformed into a film.

Production of the film will create approximately 200 direct jobs during production and post-production stages of the film. 

But that’s not all, with a contribution of an anticipated 500 indirect jobs, others too will be able to apply for roles to distribute, package and broadcast the end product.

Taking their teachings and experience of the Branson Centre of Entrepreneurship, Brett and Anel are now sharing what they have learnt in order to benefit others in South Africa,

"The training and experience that I received at the Branson Centre not only inspired me to see my art as a means through which to create jobs in South Africa, it also surrounded me with like minded people who were able to encourage me in my journey as an artist and an entrepreneur; iron sharpening iron." –Brett

Rachel Weeping is a story about Rachel, a Mozambican domestic worker working in Johannesburg, who is forced to make a life-changing decision after her daughter drowns while under the care of Michelle, her employer. 

Her choice is to return to poverty-stricken Mozambique or continue working for the people responsible for the death of her child so that she can keep her work visa and support her family back home.

The film is a haunting exploration of motherhood, loss and the walls that separate people.


Note: The film will be released locally under the title ‘Sink’ and internationally under the title ‘Rachel Weeping’.