Do entrepreneurs need banks any more? How do you find and impress an angel investor? How do you run a world-beating crowdfunding campaign? Join our next Google Hangout to find out.

Student at the Alpha Boys' School. Image from Virgin Unite.

Using Kickstarter to fund a new future

Founded 134 years ago, the Alpha Boys’ School is a famous Jamaican institution – renowned both for its work in supporting boys in need, and for its proud musical legacy and its role in raising notable musicians in jazz, reggae and ska.

A guide to funding options for your start-up

Australian serial entrepreneur Jo Burston takes us on a whistlestop tour of alternative funding sources for your start-up.

How they did it: three funding stories

Starting out your quest for investment in your business can be daunting. But don’t forget: all companies had to start somewhere and luckily, there are now more options for funding than ever before.

Image by Virgin StartUp.

How to fund your business idea with Virgin StartUp

We're in the middle of a funding recession, making it even harder for entrepreneurs to get their business ideas off the ground. Thankfully, Virgin StartUp is on the case...


Image from Elaine Livingstone

Homeless World Cup: four steps to financing a social business

A common question for social entrepreneurs is, “Do we raise donations as a charity or investment as a business?” Good news: it doesn't have to be one or the other! Take the inspirational example of the Homeless World Cup.

Five lessons we learned on funding your start-up

This week, we held a Hangout to explore that all-important question... how do you get funding for your start-up? Here's the five lessons we learned on funding your start-up...

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Starting a business is challenging - it takes hard work, drive and ambition – and we know you can’t do it all on your own. Along the way you need advice and support. Watch more of our Virgin Unite Google Hangout Series on Entrepreneurship, from Richard Branson hanging out with Elon Musk, to Arianna Huffington and Rich Sheridan to Paul Lindley and Jay Bregman to Eric Reis and Tim Brown, our Hangout series is not to be missed!