For this year’s Global Entrepreneurship Week, we’re co-creating a ‘How to’ guide to getting your purposeful business off the ground. From identifying what on earth your purpose is, to rolling with the punches, building your brand, and persuading funders to come on board, here’s where your new business begins...

How to find your purpose

Aaron Hurst, entrepreneur and CEO of the Taproot Foundation, starts from the heart. What is your purpose, and how do you identify it?

How to start your purposeful business now

There's no time like the present! "Slashie" Helen Tupper shares her advice on starting up even when your life is already very full...

How to find and persuade funders to invest in you

"If you have never managed a million rands, how will you convince someone to trust you with theirs?" Branson Centre South Africa fashion entrepreneur Khomotjo Mopai shares her experience and advice on how to find funding for your start-up.

How to put people & planet at the heart of your start-up

"Creating change should not be set within the confines of your own business". Forum for the Future's Louise Armstrong shares her experience and advice...

The importance of a brand and how to build one

Virgin's very own expert Fiona Ross share her insight and advice on creating a powerful, purpose-driven brand.

How to make sure your start-up is built for our digital times

Glenn Mehn and Jessica Stacey from Bethnal Green Ventures share their tips and insights to help you think digital.

The importance of failure

Escape the City's Adele Barlow shares why you need to learn to embrace failure. 

How to keep the dream alive despite the challenges

Liberian entrepreneur, Shadi Saleh shares his experience and advice on how to keep the dream alive despite the challenges thrown your way.

How to build and manage smart collaborations to take your business further

In the latest in our 'How to set up your purpose-driven business now' series, Virgin Active's Head of External Affairs Laura Dalgleish, shares her tips and advice on how to collaborate.

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