Our oceans are in grave danger – marine life is in peril, whilst coral reef degradation, plastic pollution, sea temperatures and water levels are all rising around the world. All of these issues are interlinked, and the root cause of the problems stems from human influence.

Ocean well-being is one of the biggest issues we face today, as every living thing on this planet is affected by the health of our oceans. But it’s not too late, we can all make positive changes in our daily lives that will improve the state of our oceans. At Playmob, we believe gaming can be part of the solution.  

Tomorrow on World Oceans Day 2018 (8th June), we are launching Dumb Ways To Kill The Oceans, an interactive initiative to help raise awareness of and educate on some of the key challenges faced by our Oceans, encouraging players around the world to make small changes to their everyday lives that can help deliver solutions to these problems. Created through cross-sector collaboration with multiple supporting partners, the Dumb Ways To Kill The Oceans content will feature short, fast-paced levels, each themed around specific ocean-related issues and brought to life by the Dumb Ways To Die heroes in their friendly, innocent, cheerful yet ultimately dumb way.  

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Developed as bite-sized interactive content that can be delivered to vast audiences through ad inventory, Dumb Ways To Kill The Oceans will be distributed through popular mobile games and apps to reach and engage with millions of people from June 8th, we will be able to support projects that will directly benefit marine life preservation and conservation efforts. The Dumb Ways To Kill The Oceans mini-game will also be playable on www.gamingfortheoceans.org, where visitors can learn more about the subject matter as well as see and share content that will help raise awareness of the plight of our oceans. Finally, Dumb Ways To Kill The Oceans will also be embedded into many partner websites, carried in apps and pushed out through a number of other channels, for example in England we’ve partnered with Clear Channel to deliver an XL game experience across multiple shopping mall sites on World Oceans Day.

Our purpose in making this game is to raise awareness in an engaging, fun and shareable way, inspiring players to think about their everyday actions and understand what small things they can do to deliver a big impact for our oceans collectively.

Our goal is simply to reach as many people as possible on and around World Oceans Day and we are extremely grateful to all our partners who are offering their support to help us achieve this.

But this is only the beginning and like players of Dumb Ways To Kill The Oceans, our oceans only have one life, so we will continue past June 8th to work with partners including Project Everyone and UNEP and others to bring the game to real-world events and build longevity into the initiative.

It’s the tip of the iceberg, so to speak, and part of a broader, shared ambition to bring the gaming industry together for the oceans, and other pressing global challenges. We are excited about the prospect of what we can achieve given the scale and appetite of gaming companies and communities to engage and do good.

Currently, there are 2.1 billion people playing games for 16 billion hours per week. Games can engage, motivate, inspire and emotionally connect with players on a level beyond that of other media and by leveraging games as a powerful source of good, we have a huge opportunity to make a world-changing difference through player power. 

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