Healthcare should be for all people, everywhere. 

Across the world, one billion people are unable to access the healthcare they need because they live too far from a health facility. This means that treatable diseases such as malaria or diarrhoea, and even childbirth can soon become life threatening.

Last Mile Health believes that no one should be denied access to healthcare because of poverty or distance. Their solution to this complex problem is simple: they train community members to become professional community health workers to provide healthcare to their neighbours.

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The team from Last Mile Health are working with the Government of Liberia to roll-out a nationwide program that will deploy professional community health workers to provide lifesaving health services to 1.2 million Liberians living in remote communities.

Share and #WalkTogether with Last Mile Health if you believe that distance shoudln't be a barrier to quality healthcare.

To celebrate the work of Last Mile Health, and other incredible organisations working towards Universal Health Coverage (UHC), The Elders have launched #WalkTogether: Health for All – the second focus of their ongoing campaign to highlight courageous leadership, compassion and solidarity with civil society. 

Throughout #WalkTogether The Elders are sharing the work of ‘Sparks of Hope’ – organisations working to realise Mandela’s freedoms of peace, health, justice and equality. Last Mile Health is one of the many incredible Sparks of Hope.

UHC means everybody receives the healthcare they need without suffering financial hardship. It is a key focus of The Elders and a goal with a growing global movement of leaders and citizens behind it. In the past few years there have been tremendous gains, especially in Asia, Latin America and Africa. But we need more action, more rapidly. 

Through showcasing positive steps and inspiring citizen action, The Elders hope to encourage greater progress on the long walk to ‘Health for All’ by bringing together those who desperately need healthcare with those who can provide it. Illness is universal, but access to healthcare is not. If we #WalkTogether for #HealthforAll, we can change that.

Please join us and #WalkTogether for #HealthforAll by sharing stories of these remarkable Health Sparks of Hope on social media