Last month Eve Branson officially opened a brand new Woodwork Centre in Asni, Morocco. It’s one in a line of projects that Eve and her team have set up in the High Atlas Mountains to support the local Berber community.


Similar to the existing female crafthouse, the Tansghart Woodwork Centre will address the lack of vocational training facilities in Asni by promoting educational enrichment and employment opportunities. By developing initiatives such as this, the need for gender equality and a shared sense of participation is promoted throughout the community. 

"I left school when I was 18. I want to learn woodworking because I like wood. I want to start working on small, craft items in Tansghart. The people in Tansghart are nice, it’s a nice place to live. There is some other work in the area – like doing auto mechanics or bicycle repairs – but I want to be a woodworker."

– one of the young boys, Yeussef

Developed by the Eve Branson Foundation (EBF) in partnership with Green Sahara Furniture, the woodwork centre offers a carpentry apprenticeship scheme – in fact the scheme has already welcomed eight young trainees from the local community who had recently left or dropped out of school. The boys have just completed a two-month work-based training course in Casablanca before returning to the centre to put their new woodwork skills into action.

“I have just returned from a few days in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco. Every visit is exciting and I am thrilled to see yet more advances for the girls and now, also for the boys in the region, as I had the pleasure of seeing what they are achieving at the new EBF carpentry project. Having turned our old goat house at Tansghart into a functioning carpentry workshop, they are creating professional quality items that they will sell, and learning a hugely valuable skill. The transformation is incredibly rewarding. I long for my next visit, to witness yet more productivity.”

 Eve Branson, Founder.

The EBF has been working closely with the communities living in Morocco’s High Atlas Mountains since 2005 with products created at the centre then available for purchase by those visiting the Kasbah Tamadot

It’s a very exciting time for the Eve Branson Foundation and we can’t wait to see more of the final products. But for now, you can support Eve’s work with the Berber community by donating to the EBF where your contribution will go towards supporting more projects like this. Thank you!