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‘It’s Pixel Perfect’ is a Jamaican digital agency started by entrepreneur, Conard Mathison. We recently asked Conrad how the business came to be and how the Branson Centre has helped him on his business journey.

Tell us about It’s Pixel Perfect.

It’s Pixel Perfect (IPP) launched in 2011 as Kingston’s first social-first digital agency. We focus on meaningful storytelling, artificial intelligence, and customer experiences across multiple platforms. IPP’s multi-channel approach helps our customers navigate through this era of disruption. We work hard to create campaigns that customers are passionate about, helping them cut through the noise in the digital space and create meaningful relationship with the audience.

Branson Centre of Entrepreneurship Caribbean

How has being with the Branson Centre helped you along your journey?

The Branson Centre training has hugely helped my business journey and I have obtained extensive entrepreneurial guidance. One of the most valued benefits has been the business connections I have made with businesses in the Kingston area – these have positively impacted my business and continue to help me grow as an entrepreneur. 

How is your business benefiting the community?

IPP has given back to the community through various initiatives. One that we’re particularly proud of is the IPP A-Game Internship – it aims to give university students practical experience and offer them a permanent job opportunities including within IPP. The programme has brought together over 100 successful student participants from four countries (Trinidad, Barbados, Cayman Islands and Jamaica) and over five mentors from Jamaica. Together we have produced a wide range of concepts, codes and content.

Branson Centre of Entrepreneurship Caribbean

What does the future hold for It’s Pixel Perfect?

The future for IPP looks very bright. After the successful launch of ChampsBot in 2016, we investigated how we could use bots to solve customer service issues. This development will help us cut customer service costs per month and we anticipate this will lead to significant growth across the Caribbean market.

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