The Branson Centre Caribbean offers acceleration for entrepreneurs in the scale-up phase of their business - supporting their development through business training, mentorship programmes and investment preparedness.

Chilitos is a Mexican restaurant in Jamaica run by entrepreneurs and business partners Christopher Boxe and Craig Hammond. We recently asked Chris and Craig how the business came to be and how the Branson Centre has helped them on their business journeys.

Tell us the story of Chiltos restaurant

Chilitos launched in 2007 and we took over the company in 2015. The original owners decided to move away, which would have resulted in the business shutting down. We both regularly frequented the restaurant and thought it was a great business with a great brand – we definitely didn’t want to see it close. The two of us had some discussions and in the end decided to make an offer!

Branson Centre of Entrepreneurship

How has being with the Branson Centre helped you along your journey?

The wonderful team at the Branson Centre paired us with mentors as well as giving us an advisory board, which acts as a great resource to share ideas about the business and management.

Being involved with the centre has also provided us with a sense of community across all the cohort members. This allows us all to share lessons and struggles, which ultimately aid us in expanding. The lessons learned through the Branson Centre are priceless and their advice has instigated real life changes to the business for the better.

Branson Centre of Entrepreneurship

How is your business benefiting the community?

Chilitos employs 35 team members. We also provide a safe and friendly space for all our customers. No matter who you are when you are here you are treated like family.

What are your dreams for the future of Chilitos?

We would like to expand out to new locations, grow our business model, and diversify our product and service options.

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