Access to food, clean water, shelter and safety are the most basic of human rights, yet despite government aid, non-profits, and volunteer work, billions of people around the world still struggle to gain access to these fundamental needs on a daily basis.

Though most of us are desperate to fix these issues and make the world a better place, on an individual level, facing challenges of this magnitude often renders even the most well intended members of society seemingly powerless to enact meaningful and lasting social change.

This set of problems got the team at TangoTab wondering – what if there was a way to build a sustainable business based on eradicating these problems? A business that only grew stronger as its positive impact increased? Enter the TangoTab mobile app – the app with its sights set on ending hunger.

TangoTab connects people with thousands of nearby restaurants, donating a meal to a local food charity every time someone uses the app to dine out. It’s free and takes seconds to use – empowering users to make the world a better place with the press of a button.

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Boasting a win-win-win model, TangoTab brings restaurants traffic when they want it, collects a matchmaking fee when someone uses the app and, most importantly, provides a person in need with a meal just because someone has dined out.

“Users love that they have a simple way to make a difference in their community, and restaurants seem to appreciate the opportunity to contribute to a social cause while they attract more consumers”, says TangoTab founder, Andre Angel.

In December 2011, Andre wanted to teach his children a lesson in giving back by taking them to the local food bank. His eyes were opened and his heart humbled when he witnessed something he considered unfathomable – everyday Americans standing in line to collect food for themselves and their families. Each American in that line had a story of hardship and transition, all working diligently to make ends meet. Andre was shocked, and it was at that moment that he committed himself to ending hunger in the US and around the world.

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Andre remembers: “I was shocked to learn that hunger affects so many everyday Americans. When I learned that people I interacted with on a daily basis were struggling to meet their most basic needs, I knew something had to be done.” 

TangoTab operates to uplift the human spirit, one meal at a time, with the belief that a world without hunger is possible

Hunger is an issue that can affect anyone, no matter where they live, what they look like or where they work. After learning that people living in his own community were struggling, Andre’s eyes were opened to how great the hunger problem in the US actually is.

Each week over one billion meals in the US are consumed whilst dining-out. After discovering this Andre’s thoughts centered on creating an app that could provide the cost of a meal every time a person checked-in to the restaurant. Could this help to eliminate hunger in the US?

Hunger is a huge social issue in the US. 50 million Americans are food insecure – 17 million are children, struggling to find the nutrition they need to grow up physically and mentally strong.

Amidst this hunger, Americans eat out over one billion meals weekly and despite the $670 billion dollars spent annually in restaurants, approximately 60 per cent of restaurants fail by their 3rd year.

Andre connected the dots of this American hunger equation and launched TangoTab to put an end to this social crisis. Since launch Andre he has received interest from major cities across the United States and questions regarding how this idea could apply globally.

“This is a worldwide problem that threatens the futures of almost 800 million people; whether you realize it or not, we are all in this together”, says Andre.

TangoTab has already donated more than a 1,000,000 meals and aspires to be a major player in propelling the world a place with zero hunger. TangoTab operates to uplift the human spirit, one meal at a time, with the belief that a world without hunger is possible.

To help the TangoTab fight against hunger use the app, show your friends, and tell your family! To register your restaurant click here or follow TangoTab on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram