Say drones, and most people think surveillance and warfare. But this affordable technology is increasingly being used for good – to support conservation, save lives and give more people access to real-time information about the world around them. Explore these different applications in our new series, and watch what happened when drones came to Necker! #drones4good

Richard: A drone's eye view of Necker

We welcomed six drones to Necker and they’ve captured stunning footage of this beautiful island we call home.

Image from Robert Blair

I was the first farmer in the US to use a drone

From horses to drones. Idaho farmer Robert Blair talks elks, surgical agriculture, and the future of farming.

Drones and the magical age of aviation

Skyward CEO and passionate aviator Jonathan Evans looks to the future in our latest 'Drones for good' story.

Humanitarian in the sky: drones for disaster response

The founder of the Humanitarian UAV Network shares how drones are helping communities around the world respond to disasters.

Image from Jack Brockway

How to stop the world’s poachers with drones

It's World Rhino Day, and we're running a series about 'Drones for good'. So here's a great story about how drones are being used to stop poaching in Africa.

How will we live with drones?

In the next couple of years there’ll likely be thousands of drones in the skies around us. Design agency Superflux is building an experiment to explore how we might live with them.

How to become a drone entrepreneur

Where are the opportunities to make a business out of drones? 3D Robotics co-founder Jordi Muñoz explores the future...

Drones for conservation

Back in 2012, a primate biologist and a conservation ecologist took a drone with a camera attached to Sumatra. The experiment became the successful Conservation Drones.

Drone shadow in Istanbul. Image from James Bridle.

Democratic invisibility: drones & war

Making the invisible, visible. Discover artist and writer James Bridle's experiment exploring military drones.

Where the roads end: drones for telemedicine

Matternet are putting drones into the hands of people in inaccessible locations. Hear how they're connecting health, wealth and communities.

Democratizing the overview effect

When you are up, and looking down... Chris Anderson, co-founder of 3D Robotics, shares how drones can help more people experience a powerful perspective on our planet.

Drones: the good, the bad and the future

Earlier this year, Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas boldly claimed that 2014 is the “Year of the drone”. Get the lowdown on drones and how we can use them to make the world a better place…

Richard: Why everyone’s talking about drones

Had enormous fun testing some amazing new drones on Necker Island. Drones polarise, as many people associate them with law enforcement or the military. But I’m excited about how they can be used to make the world a better place. 

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