Should business be cut-throat, aggressive, and designed to demolish the competition? Or fair, fun and with a strong dose of responsibility for the world around us? In the 21st century, is business the art of war, or the art of collaboration?

Business should make love, not war

Jim Carroll, Chairman of advertising agency BBH London, kicks off our series in this article on the Huffington Post.

Richard: How language shapes the way we work

I am a big believer in the power of language to change the world. The way we communicate, whether verbally, digitally or physically, has a massive effect on how we work, live and learn.

Survey: what do 16-21 year-olds say about the language of business?

To kick off our new series about the language of business, we asked young people in Great Britain what they wanted from the businesses of their future. Find out what they had to say…

Culture, listening and the language of business

Branson Centre entrepreneur Yanique Grant explores the relationship between language, culture and business success.

Two decades of language in the tech scene

Richard Earl, Founder and Managing Director of Talent International, shares his humorous take on how the language of the tech industry has changed over the last 20 years.  

Four words that create real abundance for yourself and others

James Altucher shares the four words that guide his life and work as an entrepreneur, writer and father. These four words also saved his life.

The potential for work: love made visible

Matt Trinetti from Escape the City shares how a growing tribe of young, talented people are transforming how we think and talk about work and business.

Gender and the language of business

Double-voicing, ‘pinkification’ and Millennials… Does our gender shape the language we use in business? Madeleine Lewis asked Professor Judith Baxter of Aston University.  

Jean Oelwang: My language of business

Family, purpose, opportunity, collaboration: Virgin Unite's CEO shares the words and phrases that guide her work.

The Hollywood language of business

A googlier Gordon Gekko? Alex Jordan looks to Hollywood to explore the language of business in the movies.

Why Public Relations is the most important job you’ll ever do

Forget the ‘dark arts’, Katie McCrory explains why you should get your comms people at the top table and harness their rich insights on language and public opinion for change.

The language of business: a cognitive scientist's view

In the realm of business, people often say that it’s a cut-throat or dog-eat-dog world. Are these just conventional ways of talking, or do they actually influence our thoughts and business practices? Cognitive scientist Rose Hendricks explores...

The language of business: a philosopher's view

Does business need a new language of love? Philosopher Emily Morgan explores how language helps to create the world around us...