The impact of climate change on business and communities is becoming more and more severe. 

People around the world – especially youth – are demanding climate action, but beyond school strikes many don’t know how to get their messages to government leaders. 

To ensure young people can voice their opinions the UN Development (UNDP) have created an unconventional and engaging solution: Mission 1.5. 

Virgin Unite, RMI, Mission 1.5

Mission 1.5 is an online game that educates millions of people about climate solutions and then asks them to choose their priorities for their country. This brand new mobile game aims to bridge the gap between the people calling for urgent climate action and government policymakers. 

How it works...

Young people can access the game and choose clean energy, increasing green investment or protecting oceans. Once the votes have been cast, UNDP will work with partners to collect information on how people voted and then deliver the information in tailored reports to governments around the world.

Virgin Unite, RMI, Mission 1.5

Through Mission 1.5, young people will connect in a two-way conversation with governments and policymakers will have a better understanding of how citizens are envisioning their future. The information can give governments the confidence (or push) they need to take the bold action necessary to tackle the climate crisis.

Transformational change is possible if company leadership, corporate directors and policymakers understand how to act on climate-related risks and opportunities. Governments need to make urgent and bold decisions to tackle the climate crisis. We’re encouraged by Mission 1.5 and it’s commitment to bringing young people on board to making impactful, positive, climate actions. 

Vote at to make your voice heard by governments.