Lisandra Rickards is the CEO at Branson Centre of Entrepreneurship – Caribbean. Based in Kingston, Lisandra and her team work to provide Jamaica's most promising business people with access to knowledge, markets, networks and resources needed to thrive as entrepreneurs.

A key focus for Lisandra and the team is around boosting interconnectedness among entrepreneurs – knowing how vital this is for business success and the development of a healthy, thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Lisandra’s experience with the Branson Centre, and with the wider start-up industry, has given her a unique perspective on the state of business leadership and on what’s needed for the future success of entrepreneurial business in the region. She recently spoke at the International Startup Congress in Costa Rica – an event convening entrepreneurs and industry leaders together to share success stories, challenges and perspectives on the latest trends in the business world.

branson centre entrepreneurship, BCoE, Caribbean, Lisandra

“The entrepreneurial ecosystem of Central America and the Caribbean should join forces to learn from each other and be exposed to wider markets for our entrepreneurs. This will be my first time in Costa Rica and I hope to learn more about the type of new ventures that are emerging in such a unique country,” said Rickards at the event. Lisandra shared her knowledge with the Latin Americansin attendance – covering topics including training entrepreneurs for growth, mentorship support, and connecting to investment.


branson centre entrepreneurship, BCoE, Caribbean, Lisandra

By connecting entrepreneurs to each other and to investment, the Branson Centre Caribbean continues to make a positive impact not only on the individual businesses, but on the economy as a whole. Since, the Centre’s launch in 2011, 400 new jobs have been created and entrepreneurs have received more than $1 million in investment as a direct result of its work.

Visit the Branson Centre of Entrepreneurship website to learn more about their work, services and entrepreneurs.