Eve Branson is a woman bursting with entrepreneurial spirit, unfaltering determination and a great sense of humour. In 2005, she founded the Eve Branson Foundation (EBF) in Morocco, with the goal of introducing and growing income-producing projects for the local community.

For more than a decade EBF and the foundation have been hard at work, taking its mission of improving the lives of young people in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco from paper to reality. Eve and the team have worked tirelessly to provide educational opportunities, vocational training, and access to work space, tools and all other necessary resources to create marketable goods.

Lots of brilliant things happened during the last decade and we’re incredibly proud to support and celebrate their achievements. We wanted to share a selection of stunning photos and a short video that will hopefully give an idea of what Eve and the team have been up to over the last decade:

Virgin Unite, Eve Branson, EBF, Morocco
Virgin Unite, Eve Branson, EBF, Fatima
Eve Branson, Grand openings, EBF
Virgin Unite, Eve Branson, EBF, Berber children
Eve Branson Royal Declaration

There’s certainly been a lot to celebrate and with the foundation's more recent addition of a Woodwork and training project, we can’t wait to see what’s next in the pipeline. These projects really are transforming the lives of the local Berber community, and as a result, more local girls and boys are being given the opportunity to become economically self-sufficient and generate income to support not only themselves, but their families too. 

For life-changing projects like these to continue, the Eve Branson Foundation relies heavily on donations – no matter how small, as every contribution is invaluable. You can find out more about the Eve Branson Foundation by visiting our donation page

From Eve and all of us at Virgin Unite, thank you!