Reverse Auction

One of the many ways to win prizes on Virgin Red is by bidding on a Reverse Auction.

Unlike a traditional auction, the winner of a Reverse Auction is the person who makes the lowest unique bid. If you’ve seen a prize that catches your eye and you’d like to make a bid, you’ll need to use the following information to work out what your lowest unique bid should be:

  • The value – How much the prize would be if you were paying for it at face value.
  • Max entrants – The maximum number of bids we’ll be taking during the period of time the Reverse Auction is live on Red.
  • The average percent off – How much of a saving the winner of a Reverse Auction usually makes. This is calculated using all of our previous Reverse Auction data.

Here’s a few other things to remember before you make a bid:

  • Your bid can only be in whole pounds.
  • Some higher value prize Reverse Auctions cost more than £1 to enter.
  • If you’re the winner, you’ll be asked to pay the amount you bid.
  • If there is no ‘unique’ bid, then the winner is the first person to make the lowest and most unique bid (for example, if there were four bids of £10 and two bids of £5, the winner would be the first person who bid £5).

Want to see what’s up for grabs in our Reverse Auction this week? Check out the Virgin Red app every Monday to see what’s new.