Points and games

Points on Virgin Red don’t work like real money, but they’ve still got great value. The more you collect, the more Vaults you unlock. The Vaults are where we keep the really exclusive prizes and offers.

Every month we have a brand new set of Vaults for you to unlock. You can find out which Vaults you've unlocked at any time by tapping the Explore icon from the Virgin Red dashboard.

Want to get started?. There are loads of ways to earn points on Virgin Red, from playing games to entering competitions. These include:

  • 25 points a day by playing a game of This or That
  • 25 points up to 5 times a month by sharing anything in the app
  • 50 points a week by sharing something awesome with us in Show and Tell
  • 50 points whenever you get all the answers right in a Quiz
  • 100 points for completing your profile
  • 25 points when you enter a Flash Friday competition
  • 250 points per month for each Virgin company you get verified with

On the first day of each month, everyone’s points are reset and the Vaults are refreshed, so you’ll always have a chance to win something new.