Connect and verify with the Virgin companies you’re a customer of to get access to exclusive offers and competitions and to get extra points each month. It’s another way for us reward you for living a life more Virgin.

This doesn’t cost you anything – you just have to prove you’re already a customer with us. You’ll get 250 points just for doing it!

Here’s how you can get verified with each Virgin company:

Virgin Trains
If you’ve bought a ticket for a Virgin Trains journey, directly from the Virgin Trains website in the last 12 months then you’re eligible.

Virgin Atlantic
Members of Virgin Atlantic’s Flying Club are eligible. It’s free to join Flying Club over on the Virgin Atlantic website.

Virgin Media or Virgin Mobile
If you’re a Virgin Media or Virgin Mobile (contract or PAYG) customer then you can get verified today using either your account number or mobile number.

Virgin Active
If you’re a Virgin Active member (any membership plan counts) then simply tell us your Member ID to get verified.

Virgin Money Credit Card
If you’ve got a credit card from Virgin Money then you’re eligible to verify. Plus if you have taken out a new Virgin Atlantic Credit Card since April 2018 this is also now supported.

Click here for a full list of Virgin companies that we work with.