What is Galactic Unite?

Galactic Unite is Virgin Galactic’s not-for-profit initiative, representing the unique collaboration between Virgin Galactic, the world’s first commercial spaceline, and its community of Future Astronaut customers. Supported by Virgin Unite, Galactic Unite seeks to drive positive change by channeling our collective energy, resources and passions.

To travel to space is the stuff of childhood dreams – it’s also a key to solving many of our planet’s greatest challenges. Virgin Galactic’s purpose is to unlock space to change the world for good – Galactic Unite provide the inspiration and practical support to young people who will help to fulfil this purpose by pursuing an education focused on STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths).  

Driven by Virgin Galactic’s customers, partners and staff, Galactic Unite educates and inspires through partnership initiatives, community engagement and mentoring, as well as providing STEM based scholarships around the world.

Realising the true potential of space for the benefit of life on Earth has never been more urgent or relevant – Galactic Unite are helping to ensure that future generations are equipped to apply the space perspective to Earth’s greatest challenges.

The international community of ‘Future Astronauts’ – the people who will fly on Virgin Galactic’s SpaceShipTwo – want to use their space travel experience to inspire a new generation of dynamic thinkers and excite them about STEM, funding science-based scholarships and creating STEM programs and initiatives.

We need better access to space in order to improve life on earth and Galactic Unite is making sure that future generations are equipped to use knowledge and skill to solve our greatest challenges.

How is Virgin Unite involved?

Galactic Unite was inspired by Virgin Galactic’s Future Astronauts and made possible through the partnership, structure, expertise and support of  Virgin Galactic and Virgin Unite. 

What has Galactic Unite achieved so far?

Since launch, Virgin Galactic and its Future Astronaut community have invested almost $2m into Galactic Unite initiatives, reaching more than 50,000 young people through scholarships, mentoring, internships, virtual classrooms and other activities.

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