Virgin Unite is formed
Virgin Unite launches in the USA
Eve Branson Foundation
Eve Branson Foundation launches
The foundation provides young women living in the Moroccan Atlas Mountains with employable skills.
Unite Pride n Purpose handpaint
We launch Pride n' Purpose
The charitable arm of Ulusaba (Sir Richard Branson's Private Game Reserve in South Africa) that supports the communities living in the surrounding area.
Natalie Imbruglia
Our campaign to end fistula launches
Fistula is the injury caused when a woman goes through a prolonged, obstructed labour without proper care.
Branson Centre of Entrepreneurship in South Africa opens
RE Generation Canada, Volunteers
We launch RE*GENERATION for homeless young people in the US
The RE*GENERATION programme inspires and enables young people to help others.
Connections Trip
We organise our first Connection Trips
Staff from across the Virgin businesses spend a week volunteering and raising money for Pride n’ Purpose in South Africa.
Virgin Unite launches in Australia
Virgin Unite launches in Canada
The Elders
The Elders is formed
Ten visionary leaders come together to work for peace and human rights.
virgin earth challenge
Virgin Earth Challenge launches
Virgin Earth Challenge looks for a sustainable and viable way to remove greenhouse gases from the atmosphere.
Rural Transport Network
Rural Transport Network launches
Volunteer health workers in Kenya receive motorbikes, which they can also use to run businesses.
The Bhubezi Community Healthcare Centre opens
The Centre is a partnership between Virgin Unite, Anglo-American Thermal Coal, USAID and the Government of South Africa.
Youth Homelessness
Virgin Unite lobby the US government around youth homelessness
Virgin Unite and Virgin Mobile USA launch National Youth Homelessness Awareness Month in November.
Virgin Unite launches in South Africa
RE Generation Canada
RE*GENERATION Canada launches
Virgin Mobile Canada and Virgin Unite launch RE*GENERATION Canada a project to empower at-risk and homeless youth by providing them with the necessary skills to find and keep jobs.
Carbon War Room
Carbon War Room is founded
Richard Branson and a group of entrepreneurs create Carbon War Room to help speed up market-driven solutions to climate change.
Free Fest is born in the USA
Virgin Mobile USA holds a free rock concert to highlight youth homelessness.
Richard Marathon
Virgin Money Giving launches
Virgin’s online donation platform charges minimal fees, passing more money on to charities.
Haiti Earthquake, Virgin Unite
Virgin unites after the Haiti Earthquake
Virgin America, Virgin Atlantic and Virgin Mobile USA all contribute to the relief effort.
Pakistan flood, 2010, Virgin Unite
Virgin unites after the Pakistan Floods
Relief includes Virgin Atlantic’s on-board appeal in aid of Shelterbox.
Necker group
We hold the first Leadership Gathering on Necker Island
These are opportunities for people to join forces and use entrepreneurial approaches to reinvent the world.
The Champions programme is initiated
In Sydney, Oasis (part of Salvation Army) helps Virgin staff to become advocates against youth homelessness.
Galactic Unite
We launch Galactic Unite with Virgin Galactic
Improving access to STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) for young people.
Big Change Panel
Big Change launches
Sam and Holly Branson and their friends aim to transform the lives of young people in the UK.
We launch Mission:Possible
This fundraising campaign supports at-risk young people (mainly in the UK).
Screw Business as Usual is published
Richard shares his vision for a new way of doing business
Branson Centre of Entrepreneur Caribbean
Branson Centre of Entrepreneurship opens in Jamaica
Richard Tiger
Richard launches a tiger conservation campaign
Richard, Virgin Unite and WildAID organise a connection trip to India.
Richard joins the Global Commission on Drug Policy
Other members of the Commission include Kofi Annan, George Shultz and Paul Volckerto.
Richard calls for a ban on shark fin soup
Chinese basketballer Yao Ming, Peter Knight's conservation group and WildAID join Richard in calling for a ban on shark fin soup.
Japan Tsunami
Virgin Unite responds to the Japanese tsunami
Virgin Unite and Virgin Group work with the Red Cross in the relief effort.
B Team launch
The B Team is created
Richard and Jochen Zeitz (former Puma CEO) bring together a group of world business leaders.
Richard Shark Fin
Richard urges Costa Rica to ban shark fin imports
The Government declares zero tolerance to shark finning.
Ground breaking documentary 'Breaking the Taboo' is released
A documentary by Sam Branson that illustrates how and why the War on Drugs has failed.
Aruba is the first island to join Carbon War Room's Ten Island Renewable Challenge
The project helps island economies to reduce their dependency on fossil fuels.
AIME Virgin Australia
We partner with the Australia Indigenous Mentoring Experience
Providing educational services to help indigenous high schoolers to graduate.
Virgin Active South Africa launches FUTURECREW
A youth development programme to get PE back on the curriculum.
Virgin Startup
Virgin StartUp is formed in the UK
This not-for-profit helps entrepreneurs get small business funding, resources and advice.
Virgin Australia supports entrepreneurs
Virgin Australia, Street University and ASRC help asylum seekers get their businesses off the ground.
South Africa Connections Trip
We help support Liberian entrepreneurs
Working with Humanity United, we offer training at the Branson Centre of Entrepreneurship South Africa.
Richard Branson
Richard hosts Creating Climate Wealth on Necker Island
This event helped galvanise the scale-up of renewable energy projects in the Caribbean.
The British Virgin Islands establishes a shark and ray sanctuary
This follows campaigning by Richard. He urges other countries to follow.
Equal World TV launches
The world’s first profit-with-purpose TV shopping channel is the realisation of an idea created at a Necker Leadership Gathering.
Richard TEDX
Richard speaks at TEDx in a prison
Richard speaks on the importance of education, rehabilitation and giving people a second chance.
Richard pledges that no Virgin business will work with suppliers who take cetaceans (whales and dolphins) from the wild
Virgin Unite Australia begins to fund the Small Business Builders Programme
This initiative creates opportunities for asylum seekers.
The Haiti Forest Initiative launches
Supporting reforestation in Haiti with Yunus Social Business and the Clinton Foundation.
Carbon War Room
Two Canadian ports offer incentives to efficient ships
The new initiative was based on Carbon War Room’s shipping efficiency rating tool.
CWR Award
Carbon War Room named NGO of the Year
richard gay rights
Virgin Unite turns 10!