What is Ocean Unite?

Ocean Unite works to secure a healthy future for the ocean. Their work involves uniting and activating the voices of people who know the ocean best. We rely on the ocean to sustain life on earth. It’s central to generating the food we eat, the water we drink and half of the oxygen we breathe. But it’s in trouble. Factors like overfishing, climate change and pollution are causing its decline. The situation can be fixed.

There is definitive science and clear policy telling us what needs to be done in order to restore and protect marine life. That’s where Ocean Unite comes in: it ensures that key messages reach the right people at the moments that matter.

How is Virgin Unite involved?

Ocean Unite was initially set up by Virgin Unite in collaboration with a group of partners. The Moore Charitable Foundation has joined Virgin Unite in providing Founder’s Circle funding and support to shape and build this new initiative. In addition to funding, Virgin Unite will support the back-end operation and incubation of Ocean Unite.


What has Ocean Unite achieved so far?

  • Encouraged leadership action by shining a spotlight on the need for a new international agreement at the UN to protect marine life. Supported initiatives to support a region-wide shark and ray sanctuary in the Caribbean.
  • Worked with the Huffington Post to create the first ever ocean fortnight of ‘what’s working’ content
  • Supported various conservation initiatives to end illegal fishing and establish ‘national parks at sea’. This also involved the designation of marine reserves in country waters like those of the Pitcairn Islands and Easter Island Province.

Helping the ocean to regenerate is beneficial for marine life and it’s good for us too, with benefits flowing beyond borders and across economies. Each one of us can take action to help our ocean thrive and with it air, water, food, happiness, security.

Who are we working with on this project:

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