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Ocean Unite

The Ocean is like the Earth’s circulatory system. It provides us with food, fresh water, energy, medicine, the oxygen in every second breath we take and inspiration!

Now it is in trouble.

Increasing demand for resources, technological advances, overfishing, climate change, pollution, biodiversity and habitat loss, alongside weak high seas governance and inadequate law enforcement, are all contributing to its decline.

Ocean Unite is a Global Leadership Initiative being incubated by Virgin Unite, set up to activate and amplify impactful voices at key moments that matter to secure a healthy and vital ocean.

Where will my money go?

Your donation will help support Ocean Unite to foster leadership, commitment and action for our ocean. The ocean can rebound. We need it to. Your support can help us make it happen. If for any reason we cannot use the funds for this purpose, or there are surplus funds, we will use the money to support the other important work of Virgin Unite.

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Ocean Unite

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