Every year, Richard and Virgin Unite host a Connection Trip series. Join Richard and a small group of Virgin Unite Community members on a life-enhancing journey, beyond the imagination. Virgin Unite’s Connection Trips will bring you to inspiring frontline leaders in far-away places where entrepreneurial communities are driving change. You’ll meet dynamic young individuals launching new businesses and you’ll put your own experience to new purpose as you swap stories and ideas. You’ll stay in fabulous accommodation along the way and enjoy a magical experience that can only come from a connection to purpose while having a whole lot of fun too.


What's new for 2016

South Africa: 31st Oct – 5th Nov 2016 

If you'd like to find out more, we'd love to hear from you. Just drop us a line on interested@virginunite.co.uk



"It was altogether a learning, and ultimately meaningful and wonderful experience. I thoroughly enjoyed meeting the other Connection Trip participants and loved spending time with the extraordinary Virgin Unite team and the team at Ulusaba. The Safari drives were just beautiful. I could never have enough of those"

- Julie Kantor, South Africa Connection Trip