What will be the #futureofspace ?

Last week, Richard Branson asked you what you believed the future would hold for space travel. Branson believes we'll have colonised other planets in 45 years. Now, over to you! 

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Philip Jepsen
"In 45 years we will have manned bases on both the Moon and Mars."
Szabolcs Csorja
 "My prediction is a group of people will be on the Mars in 50 years. Maybe they can colonize it."
Marshall Eubanks
"I personally think that in 45 years we will be getting a substantial amount of our total energy usage from condensed quark matter in the solar system. Establishing this as a possibility, and figuring out how to do it, will be immense, multi-decade, projects. "
Alan Lambert
"I'm hoping 45 years is enough to get a lunar and maybe Martian colony started, though I'm not counting on it. I'd guess closer to 66 (2080). If that's not long enough, I doubt it'll happen until Malthus kicks in..."

What you said on Facebook... 

Eli Hernandez
"I have a sneaking suspicion that in 45 years we will have a lot more knowledge of what our destiny in space is and what space and space-time really is and where it is and what our place in it is. That may change the nature of how we travel in what we presently perceive to be our Solar System, Galaxy, and Universe."

Michael Peter Roland Galvin
"I imagine an international spacestation whereby people can live with flightbikes that people can come and go freely from Earth, along with a range of commercial and exploratory spaceflight then it is possible for people to be living in geodomes on the Moon and Mars, perhaps even helping bring water back to Mars and an atmosphere to make it more habitable. "

Lý Dương
"Beside colonizing other planets, we'll turn our planet into a really green planet with lots of plants an flowers. If no one does it soon, I'll do it!"

Even Duncan Jones, aka. David Bowie Jr. got involved! 

Check out the debate between Commander Chris Hadfield and Richard Branson for more intergalactic thoughts. 


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