What happened at the 2015 Virgin Kitesurfing Armada?

Last month saw the Virgin Kitesurfing Armada take to the waters around Hayling Island. Find out what went down...

More than 400 kitesurfers turned up for the festival, but due to an unfavourable weather forecast they were unable to attempt to break the World Record for the largest parade of kitesurfers in the water.

Professional kitesurfer Lewis Crathern was in attendance and went on a test surf to see whether the world record attempt would be possible. “Unfortunately the record attempt won’t be possible this year, but the conditions are still favourable for kitesurfing off CBK beach and it’s going to be an awesome festival – there is so much to come and see and do here with all the kiteboarding brands that have turned up,” he said.

Even though they couldn't attempt to break the record, it still looks like they had a lot of fun. Watch the video above. 


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