Virgin Galactic’s SpaceShipTwo passes 'cold flow' test

The world’s first commercial spaceline once again took to the skies yesterday, this time looking to test SpaceShipTwo’s ‘plumbing’...

It might just be plumbing to me and you, but it’s something a little more technical to the Virgin Galactic crew. “As planned, the pilots just completed an in-flight test of SpaceShipTwo’s “plumbing” – the pressurization system for the rocket motor,” commented the spaceline upon completion of yesterday’s 53rd successful test flight. “This was an important test of SpaceShipTwo, and a great dress rehearsal for our next powered flight, which is coming soon.”

The flight, which was the 33rd time the spaceplane had flown freely, saw space pilots P Siebold and M Alsbury get behind the controls as they ran oxidizer through the propulsion system without igniting the motor - known as a 'cold flow' test. The test flight also saw WhiteKnightTwo complete its 164th successful flight. The team are now busy analysing the flight data ahead of a soon to be announced powered flight.

To find out more about the progress on the mission to space, head over to the Virgin Galactic website.


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