Video: "How can space exploration improve life back on Earth?"

Channel 4's Live from Space gave us a look at our universe like never before -with startling shots used from the International Space Station. The channel also let Virgin Galactic founder Richard Branson pick Space Station Commander Douglas Wheelock's brains - from (space) man to man.

As part of Channel 4's extensive look at the world of Space from the point of view of NASA, the Virgin Founder was recruited to ask astronaut Doug Wheelock a special question: "How can space exploration improve life back on Earth?" 

Wheelock's answer was simple.

"Innovators, creative thinkers, scientists, engineers, mathematicians... this investment in pushing the edges of what we know about science and technology sparks innovation and when you spark innovation in any field in science and engineering it eventually will create and blossom into revolutionary breakthroughs in other fields."

To see the pair in action, just have a quick click on the image above. And for more on Channel 4's Live from Space series, check their official website. 


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