Taking a professional photographer on holiday is the latest travel trend

The selfie has had its day, the latest trend when travelling is to take along a professional photographer, just so you can make sure your social media accounts are full of pictures that will make your friends green with jealousy.

There’s nothing better than having brilliant photos to remember a great holiday by. A quick look through the Instagram feed of El Camino Travel reminds you of this. Travellers dance in Latin American streets, dive into crystal clear waters, and generally look like they’re having the best holiday ever. But it’s easier to make things look good when you have a personal photographer in tow.

El Camino includes a professional photographer as part of the package on its small group tours in Colombia and Nicaragua. Every morning you’ll receive a number of images that you can immediately share on social media. In just its first year of business, the tour company has already sold out all of its 2015 trips.

El Camino is just one of a growing number of companies capitalising on people’s desire to capture their trip in stunning photographs and share them online. Companies such as Flytographer and Shoot My Travel are doing similar things, connecting travellers with local photographers who will show them around a city and share tips, while discreetly snapping holiday pics.

“Nowadays, if we don’t document it and put it online it’s like it didn’t happen,” Valerie Lopez, the Miami-based photographer who set up Shoot My Travel, tells the Guardian. “We created the service for people who like to travel light and don’t want to worry about anything but being there. When you’re worrying about taking a good photo you’re not in the moment.”

According to a Facebook survey released earlier this year, 83 per cent of us now use the internet while on holiday – and almost half post photos to the site once home. In fact, during June alone, more than 3.89 million travel-related photos were posted to Instagram, according to getchute.com. Clearly for some, it’s a service worth paying for.

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