Richard Branson: my top 5 travel tips

Richard Branson

Trains, planes, submarines, hot air balloons and spaceships there arent many modes of transport that Richard Branson hasnt tried out.

In a recent blog the Virgin Group Founder decided to pass on some of his top travel tips, after years of perfecting his routine. Although it should be noted, even the worlds most experienced travellers can make the simplest of mistakes.

Richard's top 5 travel tips:

1. Make a plan

As soon as you board the plane, train or automobile, decide whether or not youre going to get some work done while in transit. If so, set out a clear plan for what you intend to achieve. Make a list of small goals that can be accomplished before you reach your destination, or polish your rough notes into clearer, more refined ideas. But if youd rather switch off completely, thats fine, too. On many occasions I just sit back, relax and watch a good documentary while traveling.

2. Get some sleep

Some people struggle to sleep on planes; thankfully, I am not one of them (I find it easy to nap on our Virgin flights). Falling asleep on a plane is easier when you have cleared your mind of any pressing concerns. Remember that the plane should be going hundreds of miles an hour, but your mind should not. If you decide youre going to sleep on a flight, empty your inbox before boarding, then switch off the laptop and use the time to unwind.

3. Don't fret over jet lag

This can be an issue for many business travelers, and I have found that the best way to deal with jet lag is to simply live in the moment. Try not to worry too much about being in a different time zone. On a few occasions this year Ive ended up going to five countries in three days, facing a packed schedule in each. Ive concentrated on having plenty of fun in each destination, and time has flown by.

4. Stay hydrated

Most people enjoy a glass of something bubbly while they are on a flight, and Im no exception. However, make sure that you are ready to get down to business the moment you land by drinking enough water while en route. It might not be the most rock 'n roll thing to do, but alternating alcoholic beverages with glasses of H2O will help you to reach your destination with a clearer head. Of course, the really strong business travelers just stick to water (and save the airline owner some money!).

5. Try to snag an upgrade

Virgins economy options for passengers are excellent, if I do say so myself. Still, plenty of people try to tell stories to get free flight upgrades. Over the years, some of the funnier attempts have become legendary at Virgin Atlantic. My favorite: ''Manchester United lost today. I am really upset, and need the extra space to get over it.'' That particular request didnt work, but if you dont ask for what you want, you will never get it!

Another good attempt happened while I was standing in a queue waiting to be checked in. A man in front of me was at the counter demanding an upgrade because he was supposedly my best friend. He went a little white when the check-in agent suggested that he turn around and say hello.

Have you any tips that youd like to share? Let us know below

If you like a few more insights from Richard Branson, head over to his blog and continue reading.

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