In focus: The future of travel

At some point or another, we have all asked ourselves the big question: 'Where are we going?'  

From The Penny Farthing to commercial space, the way we innovate with travel is getting bigger, and most importantly: faster, with crowdfunding and new technology providing us with just a few mediums in which wannabe Doc Brown’s can change our future.

This month, we asked 30 experts in the travel field to gaze into their crystal balls, and tell us what they think we can expect from travel in 10, 20, and 50 years time. Flying cars, space travel, virtual reality…?  There's only one thing for it: let's pick some brains. 

The future of space travel: Richard Branson's Virgin Galactic to-do list

As Virgin Galactic gather in Mojave for more tests, Richard Branson chatted to Bloomberg about the future plans for space tourism in his ultimate to-do list.

Check out this video to find out just how long that list really is. 

The future of short trips: Marbel's electric dreams

Marbel are a Florida-based company made up of engineers, designers and visionaries who all share the same dream: the future of electric travel.

We asked them to give us their predictions on how much faster our journeys could become!

The future of theme parks: the ultimate scary ride

With record-breaking rollercoasters and shark themed hotel rooms, the search for the ultimate theme park travel experience may have just hit peak thrill.

Donald Strachan talks us through the exciting innovations of theme parks all over the world. Could Thorpe Park soon be Thorpe Shark? 

The future of supersonic: Richard Branson on faster flights

Richard Branson appeared on US news network CNBC, where he candidly shared his vision for a future where you could get from New York to Tokyo in under an hour. Can it be?! Here's his thoughts on supersonic flight's future in video form...

The future of sustainable air travel: A chat with designer Oscar Viñals

Barcelona born Oscar Viñals hit the headlines earlier this year with the concept designs for his infamous 'Sky Whale', a gargantuan air vessel capable of holding over 700 people with four engines holding it in the skies.

Well, the more the merrier! We had a chat with him about his work and what he thinks about the future of travel - and a look at some of his very innovative designs! 

The future of fuel-free travel: Some predictions with Solar Impulse

The aviation entrepreneurs at Solar Impulse have always held huge ambitions in eco-friendly missions. It's no surprise then, that Richard Branson is their patron saint.

We asked Bertrand Piccard to tell us what he predicted the future of travel would hold, and how he was inspired to look up. 

The future of travel fiction: which of these literary predictions came true?

Did you know that 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea was one of the first fictional accounts of scuba-diving before it existed? Indeed, books and movies have always been prolific in trying to predict the future.

Printerinks have made this rather handy infographic on which books predictions came true, and when. 

The future of location sensing: Virgin Atlantic test iBeacon

First it was Google Glass, and now Virgin Atlantichave revealed another innovation in aviation.

Introducing their use of Apple's iBeacon; a location aware GPS-style technology which will act as one of the most mainstream uses of the software to date. 

The future of space architecture: Interview with Starvoyager

As you know, Richard Branson and Virgin Galactichave been striving for an exciting future into space. But what about other architects & entrepreneurs wiith the same dream?

Starvoyager are one of many consortiums following the path up to the stars. We spoke to founder Giorgio Gaviraghi and Amalie Sinclair on how they share Galactic's vision.

The future of renewable fuel: Can this man recreate the Millennium Falcon?

For any Star Wars fan, one dreams of owning the Millennium Falcon - but for one appreciator of the George Lucas franchise, he has gone one step better, designing a vehicle that may use the technology to make a real Falcon-esque car. This is the story of Luis Aponte. 

The future of smartphone travel: The quest for instant connectivity

Recent innovation in the travel and hospitality industries has been groundbreaking, and that growth has been fuelled by a wave of creative and innovative tools made available by a growing number of tech start-ups and web architects.

However, despite the app store, verbal translators and ebooks, some of our greatest travel pains still remain. 

The future of trains: By Harry, Age 8 

Since the days of George Stevenson's locomotive in 1822, trains have evolved in so many exciting ways, from the Eurotunnel to our very own Virgin Trains.For the next big project, we had a very interesting proposal from a young expert...

Richard recently received this letter from a connoisseur of train design, Mr Harry Hopkins, age eight.

The future of tourist behaviour: Skyscanner predict

Skyscanner, a search engine that collates the best info on flights and hotels, has just released its Future of Travel 2024 report, which gives wisdom into all sorts of different sectors for the tech fan and their holidaymaking in 10 years time.

With the help of 56 trend experts and futurologists, what can we expect from tourism in a decade? 

The future of cleverer vehicles: Interview with MIX Aerospace

In 1975, sci-fi writer Arthur C. Clarke said of the future: "Cars without wheels will float on air, bringing about the passing of the wheel." 

However, as the decades floated on, our automobiles so far, have not. But as we've speculated - that sci-fi future might not be as far off as you think. We spoke to James Desauvage, the creative director of aviation innovaters MIX Aerospace about their crowdfunded plans to make the impossible possible.

The future of virtual reality: Will we soon be travelling inside our heads?

With major innovations helping us get closer to space, one project from the University of Surrey is going one better: using virtual reality to launch their very own trip into the stratosphere.

Dr. Savan Chhaniyara takes us on a journey of technology and predictions for his exciting Kickstarter project: The Virtual Ride to Space. 

The future of automobile: Will we ever get flying cars?

When posed with the question "what will the future hold?" more than a few of us have to admit our minds leap to the cliche of the flying car.

But indeed, cliches are cliches for a reason: and the matter still stands. How close are we really getting to traversing through the air? 

The future of tourism: Culture, competition and crowds

With ever more people travelling, expect key tourist sites to become a lot more inconvenient – or expensive.

To see the future of tourism, travel writer David Whitley travels back to the 12th century before stepping forwards...


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