Five start-ups to change the way you travel in 2015

Travellers have embraced a host of new start-ups in the last few years, with the likes of Airbnb challenging the way people book accommodation. Here are some more start-ups that will change the way you travel the next 12 months...


Feastly is essentially a cross between Airbnb and Come Dine With Me. Travellers can book a seat to enjoy a meal of homecooked food and the company of people who know the city that they're staying in.

Hosts post a menu and venue (usually their home) on the site and set a price for each guest. 

Although it was primarily created to give travellers a little taste of home while they're away, it's also open for locals to join too and could help bring communities together.


If you're not lucky enough to stop over at one of these best airports for layovers, you might find yourself spending five hours waiting for a connecting flight in total boredom – that's where Flystay comes in.

The app informs users about activities that are available during their layover. It can suggest possible things to do at an airport, based on where you are and how long you will be waiting.

It also pushes promotions and deals to users for businesses that are nearby and offers ratings from other users of the facilities at different airports. Watch this video to find out more.


If you're heading to Mexico this year, you need to know about Blania. It's a platform that connects travellers with Spanish teachers in Mexico so that tourists can learn some Spanish while they're away. 

But don't think that you'll end up spending your trip sitting in a stuffy classroom missing out on the sights, all of the classes take place in tourist hot spots, so you'll get a chance to improve your Spanish while also seeing the best of what Mexico has to offer.

Trip for Dog

If you can't bear the thought of leaving your dog at home when you go on holiday, the Trip for Dog app is for you. With guides on everything from getting the right documents and finding dog-friendly transportation, to searching out the perfect places for you and your dog to stay and visit, it has everything you need to plan a holiday with your dog.


No time for a holiday but overcome with wanderlust? Enter Wayfare, an app that allows you to experience different cultures and countries through your smartphone.

Users are partnered with a guide from a different part of the world each week, and each share what their lives are like for a peek at other societies. And to make sure that the conversation doesn't dry up after the first day, both parties are given a photo challenge each day. It's the perfect way of exploring the world without having to leave your living room.

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